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Moments of anger

Moments of anger

Moments of anger - Akshay Vasu

Many years ago, I had read a story about a son and a father. I don’t remember the name of it exactly, but it goes this way.

“Once there lived a father and son in a city. And the father loved and cared for his son unconditionally, as his mother had passed away after giving birth to the child. The father took all the responsibility towards his son and gave all the love that existed in this world. He always tried to make sure that his son never feels unimportant.

As the son grew up, he developed anger. Nothing would satisfy him. And for every small thing that used to go wrong in his life, he started blaming his father. And with every passing day, he began shouting at his father for every little thing made him angry.

one day, the father called his son and gave him a box full of nails and a hammer and took him near a wall in their home and asked his son to hammer a nail into the wall every time he gets angry and feels like shouting at him. And remove a nail from the wall every time he controls that anger. Even though the son felt the whole idea was senseless and absurd, even though he didn’t understand why he should be doing it, he still agreed to his dad’s request. As the days went on, the son started hammering a nail into the wall every time he got angry. As he had agreed he nailed a lot of nails to the wall in the first few weeks. But after a month of doing that every day he felt it was tiresome and he should stop it and every time he felt angry he controlled that. Even though initially it was hard soon he was calmer and he began removing all the nails, one by one, from the wall. And when he removed all the nails from the wall one day, he went to his father to tell him, how much he had changed and how proud he was now about himself.

The Father smiled at his son and took him near the same wall and asked to look at it. The son stared at the wall and the father asked “what do you see now”, his son promptly replied “a wall” his father continued “does the wall look as beautiful as it used to look before?” the son saw the wall once again, there were lot of holes in it, and it was almost completely destroyed. “No, it looks very different from what it used to be” the son said.

Father slowly kept his hand on the shoulder of his son while looking into his eyes and said ” This wall that you see here, is exactly like the heart and soul of the people who love and care about you. Every time you get angry and say something mean and rude to them, it is exactly like hammering a nail into that wall. Even though you remove all the nails back, the holes in the wall and the scars on the soul remains there permanently. The soul and heart which is scarred by your anger carry all the scars as long as it exists. It can and will never be the same.” The son felt his knees getting weaker and hugged his father at once realizing what he had done. A drop of tear dripped from the eyes of father and he hugged his son back.”

Anger is something that not only burns you but also burns the people around you too. The things that are said and done in the moments of anger, can never be taken or reverted back. Always keep a check on your anger and always try to keep the souls and heart which loves you, happy. As many times, the importance of a moment and a person is only understood after losing them permanently.

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