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The class and a speaker

The class and a speaker

A class and a speaker

Once a coaching expert was invited to a school for addressing the students over there. As soon as he entered the school he noticed a group of students bullying two other students who appeared weaker than the group of students around them. The speaker just noticed it and moved inside the administration office in silence.

After a few moments, the speaker entered the class of these same students that he had seen earlier. And the principal of the school introduced him to the whole class and left. As the speaker stood in front the board, most of the students seemed to be uninterested in what he wanted to say.

The speaker stood on the right corner of the blackboard and gently added three dots on it with a chalk, which did turn few heads in the class. But not all of it. Then the speaker stood there is silence for a few moments, expecting everyone to turn towards him. in the end, it didn’t happen again.

As the next thing, he pointed at those dots and began whispering something, which obviously wasn’t audible to anyone anyways because of the noise that still existed in the class. But now more of them wanted to know what it was, that the speaker was saying. And he kept whispering for a few more moments until quite a number of students began turning towards him.

Then after a few brief moments, the speaker asked who wants to hear what he said all these time. But he added a condition that whoever wants to hear it, have to come and stand there next to him. Only a few hands went up in the air, with hesitation. Then he asked each of them to come and stand next to him. And he began whispering in their ears. But with the noise of others still speaking around. These students weren’t still able to properly hear what the speaker was saying.

At the end among those few students, only two asked him if they can go out to avoid all these noises. And if he can repeat the everything that he had whispered until now for them. The speaker readily agreed and went out with them. These were the same students, who were being bullied in the morning by others.

After a few moments, those two students came back to the class smiling and beaming. And now the whole class was completely silent. By seeing these two so happy, they all wanted to hear what it was that the speaker said to them and they were eagerly waiting to hear. They waited with all their eyes intensely pointing towards him.

After a few moments, the speaker picked up all his books, while looking at all of them and was about to leave the class. The moment he was about to step out of the class, everybody began calling him, asking him to stop. But he left without turning back around.

Conclusion: Most of the time. The life is going to arrive, to teach you the lessons you need to hear. When there is a lot of noise around you. It is going to show you some signs to say it is here to teach you something, that you need to hear at this very moment.

Have the courage to look at life in its eyes and go stand next to it to hear what it is trying to whisper.

Have the courage to take the life to different places. Where you feel, you can hear and learn from it in a better way.

Treat everyone you meet with kindness and love. The people you met while climbing up the ladder of success, are the same people you will meet when you are climbing it down.

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