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Your voice matters

Your voice matters

your voice matters

An aspiring artist, an entrepreneur with thousand hopes and dreams for tomorrow. or anyone you might be. A new idea comes to your mind. You work on it and give it a shape. And now there it is, in front of you, shining with all its might. The only thing that’s remaining is, you introduce it to the world out there. All of a sudden your heart starts pounding heavily. The idea of going out into the world with your idea starts intimidating and bothering you.

To support the voices of your fears, you will start instigating self-doubts into your mind and heart. “What if this is not good enough? not perfect enough?” your mind will start pondering over the new ways to make the voice of your heart feeble. To procrastinate the possibility of you going into the limelight. You will say yourself, that your work is not perfect enough and people will criticize you, for bringing out such a useless piece of work to the world. You will say yourself that you shall take time to make this whole thing more perfect and you will return back, with a bang.

And again that day comes up. The day on which you had decided that you will introduce your idea to the world, after making it better. But now, the fears and self-doubts that you had created inside yourself the first time, have grown bigger in size. And you will again give yourself more reasons to push it forward. This ends up becoming a vicious circle. Gradually you will lose the trust you have in yourself, and the interest towards your work. And that idea of yours, that voice of yours, will never see the light.

The world is the big graveyard of dreams and ideas. Every single day, a new idea or a dream pop up in someone’s mind. But the fear of criticism and judgments, lack of trust in oneself, and the uncertainties about tomorrows will never let people color their canvas and put their idea to the light. They die miserably in the heart that had always dreamed.

You have to realize one thing in your whole life. The only voice that should matter to you always, is yours. There will always be people who are going to criticize your work, like the ones who appreciate it. But that happens only after your work sees light. If you worry about tomorrows and do not take any actions today, someone else will take away the tomorrows that were meant for you. Someday, as we begin to value the life more when we are near to death. You will sit in a corner, with regrets, and with a heart completely filled with what if’s.

The criticism should always be used as a map or a guide, not hindrance. Those who are trying to criticize you will vanish someday, the only thing that is going to remain forever in the womb of this world is your ideas. And the story about your voice and the differences they made in here.

Take all the courage to your heart. Your ideas and work need not be perfect. The perfection will gradually find it’s way if you keep working on your ideas. You are ready, and the right moment is now. Like they say, those who wait for all the lights on their way to turn green, will never even start the race.

In the end remember just one thing. “Your voice matters”

It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it’s the pebble in your shoe. –Muhammad Ali

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